Outside: A Graphic Anthology of New Horror Fiction

Outside: A Graphic Anthology of New Horror Fiction


OUTSIDE wraparound visuals


Released in collaboration with TOPICS BERLIN and PURE STORY Productions, OUTSIDE has been carefully curated to provide readers with a diverse and powerful collection of twisted stories. The book is available from the website or from the Topics Bookshop in Berlin.


OUTSIDE illustrated poem

Compiled and curated by Doron Hamburger and Amir Naaman, founders of Topics Berlin, OUTSIDE includes stories by: Author Chesya Burke and Weird Fiction’s Joseph S. Pulver. Porn star Author Conner Habbib, writer Joe R. Lansdale and Daniele Serra.

Writers and artists featured in the anthology include:

In SIILKY’S ROOM by Travis Jeppesen and Winston Chmielinski a teenage girl turns into a plant… and likes it

Legendary writer Joe R. Lansdale and the inimitable Daniele Serra dig deep into the horror of social isolation in THE BOY WHO BECAME INVISIBLE.

Author Chesya Burke and Artist Jennifer y Crute take us to 1920’s Harlem where prostitutes, gangs and racist cops must face a gifted child and a voodoo deity in SHIV.

Weird Fiction’s avant garde master Joseph S. Pulver and artist Kim Bo Yung show how sexual obsession can lead to the darkest pit of despair in KNOTS, GESTURES AND POSITIONS.

HEX-CHANGE: Visionary artist Amit Elan and porn star Author Conner Habbib team up to tell a story of magical activism


OUTSIDE The Boy who became invisible

The sample artwork from OUTSIDE invokes an almost nostalgic feel in me, reminding me of my younger years getting my grubby hands on graphic novels written by Neil Gaiman in book shops and the local library. The mix of different art styles, chaotic visuals and a gritty look at a life less normal – this all feels like the more avant-garde graphic novels Gaiman and his artistic collaborators produced in the late 80’s and the 90’s.


OUTSIDE visual from Silky’s room

I have always been fond of horror anthologies in any printed form, so although Topic Berlin and Purse Story have pushed their publication as being something new and totally original I’m going to have to put my hands up and say that, until I can read the whole thing, it looks like many other anthologies I’ve read in my long life of comic book reading.

That’s not to say the quality of the artwork or the writing is in any way diminished – it still looks like a beautifully done piece of collaborative work and I am very intrigued to see the whole product.

The print volume features 148 pages, offset printed, perfect bound, with wraparound gatefold cover by cult artist Ashram J Pure and costs approx. £18.40. For those outside of the UK and Europe you may have difficulty in getting your hands on a copy due to the limited places one can purchase OUTSIDE.


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