Thomas the Tank Engine Hits DC Comics Head On

dc thomas the tank engine dc  comiic mash up

If you’re a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine (and quite frankly who isn’t) and DC comics then hold tight my friend because you have just won the jackpot.

In the Mattel newsletter, Matt Collector, is the first look at the toys that you will be able to get your eager mitts on trains inspired by some of our fave DC characters at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

If that’s not enough there will also be an exclusive comic available at SDCC of the trains as their superhero alter egos.

The trains on offer are:

Thomas as Superman (or supes to his mates)

Diesel as the Batman (Well old Bats has everything else so why not a Bat train?)

Spencer as Cyborg

D10 as The Joker

Millie as Harley Quinn

The trains look pretty fun, although the eyes on Batman make him look as dodgy as the Joker. Harley and The Cyborg are my stand out faves though.

Hmm makes you wonder what other off the wall mashups are out there waiting to be done. Tell us your mashup ideas in the comments below.

GS Blogger: Nuge/ @geeksyndicate

Sources: DC Comics News

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