COMPETITION: Design a Uniform for Dissecting Worlds

dissectingworldsfinal1As announced in our last episode, our Design-a-Uniform competition is to design a uniform and communicate it to us (whether using art, writing, audio file, Cosplay, interpretive dance, mime etc;) for a resistance movement by July 31st, 2013!

  • This isn’t an art competition – it’s more about how the uniform communicates something about the world and the resisters.
  • It could be a dress uniform, field dress, an armband or badge, sports/PT kit even a salute or handshake.
  • It can be for an established universe, a ‘what if’ variant of a published/broadcast background be it TV, movie, game etc; your own works you have a totally free choice.

The prizes are a copy of David Brin’s the Postman and a copy of either the Bernard Cornwall Arthurian trilogy (the Winter King etc;) or Robert Anton Wilson’s Schrodinger Cats and Illuminatus trilogies .

Send your entry to [email protected] with the Title RESISTANCE! by 31/07/2013 and specify if you want the Bernard Cornwall or the Robert Anton Wilson books.

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