COMPETITION:Win an Anamorphic Illusions and a £25 Amazon Voucher

36If you are interested in anamorphic illusions (I didn’t know what one was until last week) then the new competition we are running in conjunction with  Outside The Box may be right up your street.


There’s a painting by Holbein called The Ambassadors which is a grand enough piece to look at; two men standing resplendent in their fineries, posing for the painter. But on the floor there’s what appears to be a long, streaky smudge across the bottom of the canvas. Looking at the painting from a lower angle you’ll see what it is: a skull! This head-twisting is an example of anamorphic art, and there are some wonderful things being done using this technique even today.

On their site called Outside The Box, instantprint has rounded up a great selection of them. From art galleries to street designs, anamorphic illusions are turning everyone’s head!

If those weren’t enough to get you feeling inspired and art-geeky, perhaps this competition will! We’ve teamed up with instantprint to offer one lucky reader the chance to win some cool prizes. One winner will receive a 3D Street Art coffee table book, to be glanced through at leisure for some creative ideas. They’ll also win a £25 Amazon voucher and one of five instantprint anamorphic designs sent to your front door!

To win, all you have to do is leave a comment, or tweet us @GeekSyndicate using the hashtag #printoutsidethebox to tell us what you would like to see being turned into an anamorphic design! Perhaps a Star Trek teleporter or a Jabba The Hutt? The sky’s the limit! Our favourite will win the prizes so get thinking!

The competition is open to UK residents only and closes on the 27th September at midday.

Good luck and get thinking ‘outside the box’!


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