Battlemage Elevator Pitch

Writer: Stephen Aryan

Publisher: Orbit books

Buy it from Waterstones, Amazon UK and Amazon USA, Barnes and Noble and all independent bookshops.

What is Battlemage?

An epic fantasy story full of big magic, big battles and big characters, all focused around a war that is changing the face of the world. It is a modern fantasy novel with some classic trappings, like non-human races and overt magic, all about power and how different people deal with it.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

Den Patrick, author of The Boy with the Porcelain Blade and The Boy who Wept Blood said “Stephen Aryan puts the epic into Epic Fantasy. This is a ground shaking debut, full of fiery promise.”

Jen Williams, author of The Copper Promise and The Iron Ghost said it isA vivid and rousing adventure with the kind of magic that punches you right in the face.”

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