ELEVATOR PITCH – Afterlife Inc.

Elevator Pitch – Afterlife Inc.


Writer/creator – Jon Lock

Afterlife Inc. Volume 1: Dying to Tell

Artists: Ash Jackson, Jerry Gaylord, Roy Huteson Stewart, Jack Tempest, Will Tempest, Del Borovic and Sean Depasquale.

Afterlife Inc. Volume 2: Near Life

Artists: Ash Jackson, Will Tempest, Nathan Ashworth, Jade Sarson, Mark Pearce, Jack Davies, Grant Perkins, Warwick Fraser-Coombe, Sean McSorley and Mike Stock.

7STRING/Afterlife Inc. The Heavenly Chord

Artists: Nich Angell and Mike Stock.

Afterlife Inc. Volume 3: Lifeblood

Artists: Ash Jackson, Nathan Ashworth and Mike Stock.

Publisher: Self-published through Big Punch Studios

Buy it in print from www.bigpunchstudios.com and selected stores. Available digitally from Comixology and online (for free) at www.afterlife-inc.com.


What is Afterlife Inc.?

Afterlife Inc. is the tale of con-artist Jack Fortune, who dies, discovers an afterlife in chaos, and decides to take over and run it like a business. Now, Jack and his allies but balance the demands of a free market with rampaging archangels, a misplaced God, and the dark secrets at the heart of their world.


Why should we pick this up?

Afterlife Inc. is really about Jack’s vast, Promethean dream for the future: equal parts self-empowerment, corporate intrigue and stealing fire from the gods to sell back at a profit. Under Afterlife Inc.’s leadership, quality of death has improved for all – even if, over the course of three books and a crossover, the afterlife has had to contend with undead serial killers, vampiric factory-gods, military incursions and at least two invasions from beyond time and space.

Afterlife Inc. is big, daft, fun, chaotic fantasy, but at its heart it’s also very hopeful. It’s a ragtag bunch of angels and allies making the best of it beyond the end of all things: leading by the seat of their pants and doing whatever they can to make the afterlife worth living.

Afterlife Inc. Volume 4: Man Made God is currently live on Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/jonlock/afterlife-inc-volume-4-man-made-god. If you’d like to help make the new book a reality, this is also a great opportunity to grab the previous volumes in the series as rewards.



‘…a hell of a lot of fun to read and filled not only with fun ideas, but extremely creative ways of telling stories.’


‘Afterlife Inc. remains one of the most consistently imaginative, fun books on the market.’


‘It is very rare that you find a graphic novel or indeed piece of literature that has something new to say, but I believe that Afterlife Inc. is it… Essentially, this is what comic books are all about.’

Anastasia Catris, CHAOS HOUR

‘An absurdly slick and confident volume – a profoundly readable and open world full of stories and characters… Irresistible.’


‘The comic is a slab of wonder, with pure imagination spread across every page. The stories, characters and settings at show here are comics in their purest form.’

Dan Hill





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