Boat, Volume 01 cover
Writer/Director- David Lumsden
Elevator Pitch – Boat Volume 1 & 2
Writer/Director- David Lumsden
Boat Volume 1 
Artist- Mark Weallans, Tammy Le Vasan, Andrei Staruiala
Boat Volume 2: No Land Welcomes You
Artist- Marc Olivent, Andrei Staruiala
Publisher: Self Published
Buy it in Print from Forbidden Planet, Blackwell Books, Comic HausDavidlumsden.com
What is Boat? 
Boat is a SICBA Nomainated graphic novel series is based on the award winning short film about a father and son looking for a safe place in a post apocalyptic flooded world. Restricted to their boat and with limited supplies they must survive this dangerous new world and find peace.
Why Should We pick this up?
Boat is a story about a very personal apocalypse. It’s a disaster story set in a flooded world but deep down it’s about not letting go of hope despite of insurmountable odds. I wanted to try something structurally different with the book. We follow our lead character Charlie and his experiences through two perspectives flashing back to his childhood ordeals dealing with loss and survival then to his present being a newcomer in a community not willing to accept outsiders. 
The story is unravelling from two timelines. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that regardless of being set in a post apocalyptic world has relatable themes and messages. 
Comic Reviews:
“Boat Volume 1 delivers a haunting bleak yet beautiful art style married with a
powerful story of survival and family.” – Starburst Magazine 8/10

“Stunning debut…A bleak world to get lost in. Gut wrenching twists.” – 9/10 Comic anonymous

“Intense and thought provoking… reminiscent of Mcarthys The Road.” – Chuck Suffel Whatchareading.com

“Easily one of the most engaging and powerful stories I have read in a long time.” – Geek-retreat.com
“Tight dialogue and art that crackles with the energy of a great story.” – Comics Anonymous 9/10


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