Elevator Pitch: Critical Hit Elevator Pitch

Writer: Matt Miner
Artist: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Buy it from your local comic shop, online comics retailers or www.blackmaskstore.com

What is Critical Hit?

CRITICAL HIT is a vigilante story with two women who, instead of fighting guys in capes and tights are taking on more real-world issues of dog fighters, and animal abusers. Critical Hit is the continuation of the LIBERATOR storyline that plunges these two reader-favorite characters into a dark horror story when their underground vigilantism goes horribly awry.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

“Engaging and well-paced” “Will certainly grab a reader’s attention with its first page” – All-Comic.com
“[Critical Hit] shines in every way a comic should.” – BagAndBored.net
“Damn good” “Amazingly well written and illustrated” – WhatchaReading.com
“great comic, full of great heroics, great story, interesting characters and an even more interesting plot” – OutrightGeekery.com
Midtown Comics podcast pick of the week
MultiversityComics.com pick of the week ”

Liberator-CH_01_001 Liberator-CH_01_010 Liberator-CH_01_011 CriticalHit-cover-001c_1200px CriticalHit-cover-001a_1200px-2

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