ELEVATOR PITCH – Ghosts of War


Elevator pitch for Ghosts of War  by George Mann

What is Ghosts of War?

In a post-steampunk version of 1920s New York City, a damaged WWI veteran dons the guise of a vigilante and takes to the streets as the Ghost. Strange brass ‘raptors’ are abducting citizens for an unknown purpose, and only the Ghost stands in their way.

Cue rooftop battles, biplane dogfights, a pact with an enemy agent, a woman from the past and a series of grisly deaths, as the Ghost, haunted by memories of his own war, tries desperately to prevent another.

Why should we pick this up?

It’s fun, pulp-fuelled action adventure with alt history trappings and a sprinkling of the occult. Hopefully people will have as much fun reading it as I had writing it! This new, revised edition also contains the first new ‘Ghosts of Manhattan’ story for some years, entitled ‘Husk’.

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