Writer: Joshua Scher
Publisher: 47North
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What is HERE & THERE?
The story starts with Kerek Reidier, a scientist who’s figured out teleportation. DARPA just wanted a simple proof of concept. The physics were sound.
But the Reidier Test didn’t go as planned. People still argue over whether it was human error, government conspiracy, sabotage… But no one actually knows the truth.
Except Dr. Hilary Kahn, a psychologist the government commissioned to investigate. The problem is she’s disappeared without a trace.
Now her son Danny, armed with the unofficial draft of her report, goes underground to find her while unearthing the details of Reidier’s quest to reforge the fabric of reality while holding his own family together.
What he discovers is that Einstein was wrong. And in setting it right, they breached a boundary at an unspeakable cost.
Why should we pick this up?
Here & There is a unique experience in genre bending. While rooted in grounded Sci-Fi, it has a distinct mystery feel that casts the reader in the role of detective. While the plot is thriller-esque, it is motivated by fleshed-out, dramatic characters with compelling emotional lives. And, if that’s not enough, the cutting-edge science is both enlightening and real… mostly real.

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