Writer: Luke James Halsall

Artist: Graeme Kennedy

Letterers: Gary Chudleigh (Issue 1) and Rob Jones (Issue 2)

Publisher: OR Comics

Buy it from Forbidden Planet Glasgow,  Waterstones Glasgow, amazon , or http://www.orcomics.com


What is iHero?

What would happen if you could get a smartphone that could give you superpowers? Want superspeed? There is an app for it. Any power you can think of at the touch of a button.


Why Should we Pick It Up?

‘It was good fun’ Andy Diggle, The Losers, Green Arrow: Year One, Daredevil

‘I’d tell someone to check it out, if for nothing else, just for the twists, the story and characters are flush. It’s all there and it’s just as good as anything I’ve pulled from A Comic Shop.’ Inside Comics

‘Sovereign is a great super-lady – she holds her own against a violent gang and her costume is awesome and has a Batman-like design and practicality to it.’ Girls Like Comics








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