ELEVATOR PITCH – Neroy Sphinx: Back In The Game 


Writer: Daniel Whiston

Artist: McMonagle, Kircough, Thompson

Publisher: Future Quake Press

Buy it from American Dream Comics or www.futurequake.co.uk/shop.php

What is Neroy Sphinx: Back In The Game?

A Black & White Sci-Fi/Heist romp with a classic 2000AD vibe. Imagine Ocean’s 11 a few hundred years in the future, set against a dystopian backdrop with a hint of Babylon 5.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

John Wagner: “It takes a devious mind to survive in a dangerous world – and they don’t come much more devious than Neroy Sphinx.”

James Lovegrove: “Who is Neroy Sphinx? He’s your best new comics character, that’s who.”

Michael Carroll: “Clever, inventive, enthralling SF…utterly compelling…”

Bleeding Cool: “…reminiscent of the best 2000AD strips.”

Comics Review: “Ambitious, gloriously engaging and exceedingly well-executed; this is contemporary space-opera with a broad scope and a deft touch that will delight lovers of edgy but light-hearted fantastic fiction.

Judge-Tutor Semple: “…this book has a lovely look… the stories are well crafted with… deft handed twists to the plot.

The Arcade: “…pleasingly reminiscent of the Karma Sutra…



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