Elevator Pitch: Peek!: The First

Written by: Jason Yungbluth

Artwork by: Jason Yungbluth

32 pages, staple bound comic book with a letterpress cover for its premier issue.
Retail price: $5.00 (but presently in the middle of a Kickstarter)
Published by: Death Ray Graphics (Whatisdeepfried.com)

What is Peek!: The First

The first issue of a new humor anthology featuring weird and shocking goings on! Join the cosmic Peeker as he reveals stories ranging from the sweet to squirm-in-your-seat uncomfortable. Be careful where you peek!

Why should we pick this up?
Peek! hails from master of the unorthodox Jason Yungbluth (MAD magazine cartoonist and creator of Deep Fried), whose 2014 Weapon Brown graphic novel delivered the ultimate battle-you-never-knew-you-wanted-to-see: a post-apocalyptic showdown betwixt Charlie Brown & Snoopy and Calvin &Hobbes. Peek! will deliver more of the hilarious and appalling goods that Yungbluth is known for, and will also boast the long-awaited return of Clarissa, the gloomy heroin of several creepypasta comics that have become well known on the Internet for their awkward subject matter.
Peek! will appeal to readers of underground comics and indy humor, including fans of Evan Dorkin, Johnen Vasquez, Phoebe Gloeckner and Adrian Tomine.

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