ELEVATOR PITCH – People Protector Akay

Digital Comic: People Protector Akay

Artist and writer: Dominic Regan

Publisher: gammahed

What is People Protector Akay?

Africa, 300,000 years ago. Humanity shares the world with several other intelligent life-forms: various hominids, elephants, dolphins and whales to name a few. They are “The People” but there is a problem… “Them”! Creatures from a sunless sea who believe that they hold dominion over the Earth and Sea.

Akay, a “People Protector” who has been augmented by dolphin ultra-sonic brain surgery, is sent on a mission to track down the source of the Beastmen who have been terrifying the People in recent years. His journey leads him to question, is he only a weapon being used against “Them” and can he ever hope to recover his humanity?

Why should we pick this up?

Frank Quitely said, “Dom Regan’s Akay is bold, ambitious and beautifully crafted. – An utterly original work.”

Brendan McCarthy said, “Dominic has developed a great style over his years of artistic experimentation, creating a new hybrid Kirby look to his strips. I like his stuff very much.”

Adam McGovern said, “Akay is visceral erudition and graphic awareness, traced on the evanescent surface of electronic atmospheres but burned in our beings.”

People Protector Akay is a brutally beautiful, violent, fast-paced comic that looks like a neon digital cave painting. I don’t think Akay will please everyone: You will either love it or hate it. Have a taste of the first few pages and make up your own mind.

It’s available from Comixology from the 12th of November.




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  1. Dominic Regan /

    People Protector Akay is now on Comixology and you can get it here… http://cmxl.gy/1vOYAoL Thanks Geek Syndicate!

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