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Title: Ray Gunn and Starburst

Writer: Holly Rose

Cast: Dominic Westerland, Georgia Humphrey, Ian Sharman, David Wynne, Alyson Leeds, Richard Thompson, Amy Harrison and Damien Valentine

What is Ray Gunn and Starburst: Ray Gunn and Starburst is an audio sci-fi/comedy sending up the tropes of classic and pulp science-fiction. Set in the year 2005 (as all the best sci-fi classics are), newly divorced, Raymond Gunn finds himself lying flat on his back in some seedy bar, on some seedy asteroid, in some seedy corner of galaxy, when suddenly Starburst, a teenage girl and her AI, S.U.I.T (Survival Utility Intelligence Technology) burst into his life, with adventure, heroism and maybe a bit of blackmail on their minds. Cue the beginning of the rest of his life.

Will he manage to become a hero? Will Starburst break away from her shady past? Will the narrator actually be allowed to finish a story without irritating protagonists interrupting?

Why should we listen to this: It’s an audio sci-fi sitcom that’s basically like if Hithchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and Thrilling Adventure Hour had a baby. It’s clever, funny and written and involving people who genuinely love radio comedy. If you like sci-fi, comedy or just fun podcasts you should go and pledge at www.raygunnandstarburst.co.uk

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