Elevator Pitch: Seasons

Creator: Mike Medaglia
Publisher: Avery Hill Publishing
Buy it from: Gosh! Comic, Orbital Comics, Page 45, Travelling Man or go straight to the publishers and get it online: http://www.averyhillpublishing.com

What is Seasons?

Seasons is a book broken into the four season that parallel the four stages of a life. Spring looks at the first realization that evil exists in the world. Summer is about discovering sexuality. Autumn is a reflective acceptance of getting older. Finally, Winter is about the length and width of a life. There is also a bookmark insert that comes with the book and looks at a stolen season of a love that was but shouldn’t have been.

Why should we pick this up?

“Mike Medaglia has provided the quintessential union of theme, words and imagery on the comics page.“

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

“It’s touching and personal, without being overly earnest. It has style without shouting ‘DESIGN’ to the post Warhol crowd. The great use of colour cannot be stressed enough in a critique. It changes our conceptions throughout the pages. The eye adjusts to the changing emotions through the books seasonal palette. Superb stuff indeed.”

Antony Esmond, Beard Rock

“Seasons by Mike Medaglia tells a familiar theme, looking at the passing of seasons in the year and comparing them to the seasons of our lives. It does so with four short, poetic tales, just 4-pages long each, that speak a brief, but powerful truth about the moments of our lives. You’ll easily recognise and empathise with the characters here, they’re you, or they will be, these generic characters capture the essence of their particular moment, vague enough to feel universal, but still containing enough truth to seem right.”

Richard Bruton, FPI Blog








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