Writer: Lao K / mayamada
Artist: Pinali
Publisher: mayamada


Where Can I Get it?

Serious is available at Orbital Comics and upcoming conventions including London Comic Con, Thought Bubble and Hyper Japan. It is also available digitally through Amazon, ComiXology and mayamada’s online shop.

What is Serious?

Serious follows an ambitious young man called Blake, who plans to escape his poor neighbourhood of Serveton to the big city known as “The Jungle”.

In issue 1 Blake and his trusted partner Cassy, the town hustlers, are making a name for themselves. All seems rosy until Blake is forced to face a harsh reality of business in Serveton…

Why should we pick this up?

A brand new title from the creators of Samurai Chef, an original British manga awarded 4 out of 5 stars by NEO Magazine.

Serious is the underdog story for a new generation – the beginning of a journey that will inspire anyone wanting to pursue their dream. An original Japanese manga style comic made in the UK. It’s a fresh take on the format; eastern art meets western storytelling for a fun book suitable for readers of any age.

The manga’s protagonist Blake Serious is also being brought to locals schools through mayamada’s creative workshops. The character and story is changing young people’s perceptions, helping them achieve through a medium they can relate to.


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