Elevator Pitch: Sol Sunburst


Elevator Pitch: Sol Sunburst

Author: Oliver Castle

PublisherElectrik Punk Book

Available on Amazon and Kobo

What is Sol Sunburst?

In 2169, Earth is no more than an global ecological disaster in which mankind created animoids, half-human half-animal breeds, to save what could be of genome species. Sol Sunburst is an animoid rocker whose charisma and prophetic songs grew him as a Messiah for this new humanity. He predicts the Apocalypse in five years. Can Angela, a human eco-activist, prove him wrong?

Why should be pick this up?

Sol Sunburst is like the fusion of Fight Club and Twelve Monkeys shred into a glam rock concept album mixed by Philip K. Dick.

This ecological fable in the twilight of the human race is loosely based on David Bowie’s songs from 1969 to 1974 – one song, one chapter – and encourages the reader to make his/her own idea of the reality within the described realities.

As animal extinctions are one of these realities, and as anyone has the potential to make a change, a percentage of the ebook sales will be annually donated to the WWF (pandas, not wrestlers).

Read a sample of Chapter 2

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