ELEVATOR PITCH – Spineless: The Newcastle Science Comic

Title: Spineless: The Newcastle Science Comic

Artist-writers: Jess Bradley, Terry Wiley, Emily Lambert, Samuel Williams, Sigmund Reimann, Dave Windett & John Gatehouse, in partnership with the guest curators/researchers at the Great North Museum: Hancock
Publisher: Applied Comics Etc
Get it: free online http://newcastlesciencecomic.blogspot.co.uk/, and 20,000 free print copies at the Great North Museum: Hancock (and selected other locations in Newcastle)
What is  Spineless: The Newcastle Science Comic?


Spineless includes 3D vision, guts, time travel, poo, dancing, and an insect hotel. It’s a free comic about bugs (invertebrates, minibeasts, creepy crawlies…), made in partnership with the guest curators/researchers of the Spineless exhibition at Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle this summer. The exhibition and comic are all about invertebrates (where they live, what they do, and why they’re important), free, and aimed at children and families.


Why should we pick this up?

Richard Burton at Forbidden Planet International says: ‘every comic works, all of them doing the simple things very well, keeping the storytelling through the art nice and simple, straightforward. An outreach project such as this relies on clarity, on getting the message across really well. And that’s precisely what Spineless does very, very well.’

John Freeman at Down The Tubes says: ‘The strips are fun and informative and all the creators involved were, importantly, paid for working on the title (as well as clearly enjoying themselves in the process).’

an 8 year old reader’s mum: “He loves it, we all three read it together last night before bed and did a bit of cross referencing with an encyclopaedia.”

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