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The Sword That Saves Elevator Pitch

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Writer: Ambrose Merrell

Publisher: Hornet Books

What is The Sword That Saves?

A thrilling fantasy novel for young teens about the ancient martial art of aikido. It takes readers from modern day Vancouver back to 16th . century Japan through protagonist Sam as he discovers he is the chosen one to fight a force threatening mankind called ‘the darkness’.

Why should we pick this up?

This is a chance to discover the beliefs of aikido whilst being taken on a fantastical adventure.

‘The most powerful message to me in this book is the bond and trust between Sam and his sisters, which is superbly portrayed.’ Review on Parents in Touch

‘There are so many great characters and settings woven throughout the story that is almost impossible to put down.’

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The Sword That Saves

CHAPTER 1 Uchiyama Wakes Up

Moonlight filtered through the trees, glinting off the sword’s curved blade. In the wooded glade there were two swordsmen, one old and one young. The old man was standing silent and still, his sword undrawn. The young man, with sword drawn, was breathing hard as he circled him.

“Fight me, you coward!” cried the young man as he lunged to drive his sword deep into the old man’s chest. The old man easily anticipated the attack and no sooner had it begun than he was standing behind the young man, his posture relaxed, his expression grave. The young man whirled around, his muscles taut, his breathing becoming ever more laboured.

“As I have told you many times, Uchiyama, I will not fight you,” said the old man. “I wish you no harm.”

“Wish me no harm?” said Uchiyama, his grip tightening on the sword handle as his face darkened with fury. “You brought dishonour to my family. There is no greater harm. Tell me your name so I might know whose life I shall end. Or shall you forever be known simply as the ‘Coward’?”

As he spat out the last word, Uchiyama brought the sword in an arcing cut from high on his right down to his left, aiming to slice the old man in half. Once again the old man moved quickly and easily so that Uchiyama’s sword cut nothing but air. Uchiyama’s exhaustion was now complete and he stumbled and fell. As he hit the ground, his grip on the sword failed, and it rolled across the forest floor.

Moonlight glinted off the curved blade once more, as the old man picked it up and came to stand over Uchiyama, who lay on his back gasping for air. Fear filled Uchiyama’s face as he awaited the final cut. Instead, the old man smiled warmly and said once again, “I wish you no harm, Uchiyama.” Then, after carefully laying the sword down on the ground beside Uchiyama, he vanished into the forest making no sound as he left.

Uchiyama lay exhausted on the ground. He was too tired to move and too tired to think. He simply lay there listening to his breathing. His gaze fell upon the moon high above him. For the first time in his life he noticed how incredibly beautiful it was and tears welled up in his eyes.

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