ELEVATOR PITCH: The Springheel Saga, Series One


The Springheel Saga

Writers: Gareth Parker & Robert Valentine

Director: Robert Valentine

Production Company: Wireless Theatre

Buy it from: http://wirelesstheatre.co.uk/category/radio-plays/springheeld-jack/

Listen to the series one trailer

What is The Springheel Saga?

Ripper Street… with a Monster! An epic radio SF/Fantasy drama series set in the Victorian era, full of action, adventure, and suspense.

Series One of The Springheel Saga – The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack, is an action-packed tale following Constable Jonah Smith, assigned to hunt down the infamous Terror of London himself – Springheel Jack – against a backdrop of heightened social tension and change in 1837 London.

Starring: Christopher Finney, Matthew Jure, Jessica Dennis, with David Benson and Julian Glover.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

“Wonderfully confident and full of bravura!” Dirk Maggs, director of Neverwhere

“Quite the ride!” Starburst Magazine

“A lip-smacking melodrama…” Radio Drama Review

“A thrilling tale…” Radio Drama Revival

“A real sense of adventure… The writers really excelled in their story-telling abilities.” The Cult Den

“A cut above the rest!” PPA Radio

“Excellent writing, performances, sound design and music…” Chatterblog

“A true find for all audio enthusiasts!” Regent Times

“Cleverly elaborates upon the legend… The acting, sound work, original music, and writing are all top-notch…” Did You Hear That?

“A splendid thrilling yarn, ace break-neck adventure and superb sound design…” The Bigfoot Studio

“I have never heard a finer studio production… The writing is excellent, and the performances are superb…” Lodestone Media

“Atmospheric, exhilarating, beguiling… expertly weaved… the storytelling is excellent. 10/10.” Blogtor Who

“At the centre of it all is the glorious Julian Glover… excellent.” Doctor Who Victorians

“World-class audio drama…” Global City Radio

Nominated: Best Radio Drama Producers, Radio Production Awards, 2011

Nominated: Best Radio Drama, British Radio Production Awards, 2012

Winner: Mark Time Ogle Award for Best Fantasy Audio Production, 2012

Named: One of the Twenty Best Radio Productions of 2012, Radio Drama Review, 2012

Reporter: Nuge

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