ELEVATOR PITCH: The Springheel Saga, Series Two


The Springheel Saga

Writers: Gareth Parker & Robert Valentine

Director: Robert Valentine

Production Company: Wireless Theatre

Buy it from: http://wirelesstheatre.co.uk/category/radio-plays/springheeld-jack/

Listen to the series 2 trailer: http://m.mixcloud.com/TheSpringheelSaga/thespringheelsagafullseries2trailer/

What is The Springheel Saga?

The 39 Steps… with Monsters! An epic radio SF/Fantasy drama series set in the Victorian era, full of action, adventure, and suspense.

Series Two of The Springheel Saga – The Legend of Springheel’d Jack, set in 1845, follows on eight years after the first series. When Maria Davies is murdered by a manically swazzling, spring-booted killer, Springheel Jack is immediately blamed. However, Detective Inspector Jonah Smith isn’t so sure, and quickly finds himself framed for an equally hideous crime…

Starring Christopher Finney, John Holden-White, Andrew Shepherd and Josephine Timmins, with Nicholas Parsons.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

“Writing and production of evident quality… an enthralling series.” Starburst Magazine

“The Springheel Saga Series 2 is another triumph…” Frost Magazine

“Among the best mysteries we’ve heard in recent memory…” Radio Drama Revival

“Compelling writing and strong characters on display in this brilliantly crafted thriller…” Hammer Horror Podcast

“Packs an almighty punch… an all-out success. Not to be missed!” The Morgue of Intrigue

“The fun, richness, grit and grandeur of a high-budget film…” Tim Prasil

“Sublime… cleverly woven… Highly recommended.” The Cult Den

“Reminiscent of the BBC’s Ripper Street… a brutal and compelling world…” Vector 275

“At the centre of it all is the glorious Julian Glover… excellent.” Doctor Who Victorians

“World-class audio drama…” Global City Radio

Nominated: Best Radio Drama Producers, Radio Production Awards, 2011

Nominated: Best Radio Drama, British Radio Production Awards, 2012

Winner: Mark Time Ogle Award for Best Fantasy Audio Production, 2012

Named: One of the Twenty Best Radio Productions of 2012, Radio Drama Review, 2012

Reporter: Nuge

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