ELEVATOR PITCH – Time Keeper Season 3.0

ELEVATOR PITCH –  Time Keeper Season 3.0

Executive Producer: Daryn Murphy

Writer/Director/Editor: Daryn Murphy

Produced by: Yitibit Films

Watch at www.youtube.com/yitibitwww.timekeepershow.com, streamnowtv.com/action/time-keeper/www.jts.tv/previews/time-keeper

What is Time Keeper?

Quantum Leap meets Memento (with fewer tattoos). Mitch Manners is the world’s most boring Time Traveler. He’s exiled to the past, slave to the whims of the future powers ordering him to alter the timeline in the most inane ways possible: Hitchhike here, eat a fish sandwich when said fish sandwich was once eaten by someone else. Why obey these inane commands? To avoid global disaster, or so he’s told. And all was good and boring and un-Questioned – a sentence in purgatory to save the Earth – until the mission took a deadly turn – until he was ordered to kill someone – until he questioned everything. Mitch has run from the powers for 16 episodes over the past two seasons. In Season 3, it’s time for him to take control of his destiny and stop being Time’s bitch.

Why should we pick this up?

Time Keeper Season 3.0 the INDIEGOGO Launched on July 8th, 2015 to fund the 3rd installment of the time traveling adventure series. Season 2 is finishing up an award winning tour of the 2014/2015 festival season. The wins and nominations are particularly gratifying because the series thus far was made entirely out of pocket and on a limited budget. Just imagine what we can do with an army of sci-fi fans to fund Season 3! It’s time to go big or go home!

Susan Siniawsky, WebVee Guide: “. . . utterly addicting . . . ” and ” . . . the perfect binge watch!”
Rod T. Faulkner, The 7th Matrix: “Time Keeper is a wild ride filled with mystery, suspense, action, and mind-bending concepts . . . the cast performances in this project are sensational – especially that of the series lead Matt Lunsford.”
Rose of Dolls, General Coordinator – Bilbao Web Fest: ” . . . the image quality is absolutely fabulous . . . it seems like there is really a high budget . . . If there’s not, well, that is the best compliment I can give . . . GREAT narrator voice . . .”
Erik Urtz, Snobby Robot Magazine: “The show fits right into the mold of classic scifi television . . . The visuals are excellent, with some really great lighting and a ton of visual effects.”
Ron Valderrama, Stream Now TV: “It’s like Quantum Leap but with balls.”


2014 Miami Web Fest: WINNER Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Serles
2014 GeekFest: WINNER Best Web Series
2014 Atlanta Web Fest: Nominated Best Sci-Fi
2014 Snobby Robot Awards: Nominated Best Cinematography
2015 Vancouver Web Fest: Nominated Best Actor (Matt Lunsford), Nominated Best Sci-Fi Series
2015 IAWTV Awards: Nominated Best Cinematography
2015 Film Quest Film Festival: Nominated Best Web Series

Time Keeper Season 3.0 Indiegogo Teaser:

For further info on the Indiegogo if needed, here’s a link to the full campaign:

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