ELEVATOR PITCH – Torsobear Volume 2: All Stitched Up

Torsobear Volume 2: All Stitched Up

Editors – Brett Uren & Glenn Møane

Writers – Brett Uren, Glenn Møane, Cy Dethan, Jon Scrivens, Janos Honkonen, Frank Martin, Kieran Squires, Grainne McEntee, Ronald Montgomery, Peter Rogers, Jimmy Furlong, Jake Young, Eddy Norden & Conor Mahoney

Artists – Brett Uren, Giles Crawford, Dave Windett, Mike Motz, Carlos Zamudio, Sage M. Coffey, Ashley Ribblett, Harold Saxon, Andrew Hartmann, Phil Buckenham, Jon Scrivens, Lee Killeen, Emman Padilla, Faye Harmon & Charlie Hogg

Letterers – Brett Uren, Nic WIlkinson, Mick Schubert, Charlie Hogg & Jon Scrivens

Publisher – To be self-published and distributed via a Kickstarter campaign
Keep track of the campaign and the book’s production at http://torsobear.com

What is Torsobear: All Stitched Up?
Care Bears via The Killing. Volume 2 of the anthology series follows on from last year’s ‘Yarns from Toyburg’ and the ‘torso’ case, surrounding dismembered teddies. Detective Ruxby Bear is framed & sent to dark toy prison The Corner, while over many other ‘yarns’ a wave of Copycat crime causes the sweet city of Toyburg to fall around Lt Hazbrow’s wooden head.

Why should we pick this up?
‘It reads like Raymond Chandler meets Teddy Ruxpin with a generous dose of Robert Crumb and we’d love to see a full series.’ – Pipedream Comics
‘The art style and color choices made it feel like a more disturbing and adult Hanna Barbera piece, and the blend of issues such as racism, crises of faith, and horrific crimes with a world of toys resonated.’ – Fanboy Comics

‘There are few comics out there as innocently decadent as this one. In fact, I can’t think of the last time I read a story akin to Torsobear. It is more than just a well-executed piece of parody pulp – it’s a marvellously constructed yet endearingly simple tale of subversion, and demonstrates just how strong a story can be when combining the innocent with the deadly.’ – A Place To Hang Your Cape

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