ELEVATOR PITCH – The Wyrm and the Well

The Wyrm and The Well
Writer: Steve Sims
Artist: Steve Sims


What is “The Wyrm and the Well?

“The Wyrm and the Well” is the moody and mysterious tale of a young boy, who whilst fishing late one night pulls more than his supper from the dark still waters of the local lake.

Not wishing to eat his strange catch the boy discards it into a near bywell, and thinking the creature dealt with, makes his way home to his bed.

Howeveras the seasons pass and time continues to change all that falls within its grasp, theboy comes to learn that his actions have much bigger consequences than he first



Why should we pick this up?

From Steve Sims (creator of “Kaiju: Fire and Grimstone” and Illustrator ofthe “Beast Quest” series) comes a story inspired bythe chronicles and folktales of old. Fans of ancient yarns and fire side stories of man vs monsterwill surely get a kick out of this atmospheric and action packed tale.


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