ELEVATOR PITCH – Fear of Mum-Death and the Shadow Men

ELEVATOR PITCH – Fear of Mum-Death and the Shadow Men


Artist and writer: Wallis Eates

Publisher: self-published

What is your book/comic/film etc? Say hello to the Rabbit Man, the Rainbow Man, and my morbid brain. ‘Fear of Mum-Death and the Shadow Men’ explores two prominent aspects of my childhood. Namely, a crippling fear of my mum dying, and a string of shady male characters I encountered – either in real life or in my mind. Through a series of stand-alone comics and some prose, the stories nevertheless reference each other in subtle ways as they lead the reader chronologically from 1978 to 1990, capturing slices of working class life and the mind of a child with a vivid imagination.

Why should we pick this up? Whilst tackling some darker subjects, the overall tone is light, accessible and at times quite humorous. Broken Frontier Editor-in -Chief, Andy Oliver, said of the book, “Wallis Eates continues to produce comics that speak to us all with their emotional immediacy and unyielding candour. This is work that doesn’t just deserve a wider audience, it’s owed one.”

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Find out more at: http://walliseates.bigcartel.com/



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