ELEVATOR PITCH: Fire on the Mound


The Trailer: https://vimeo.com/89735262

Writer: William J. Meyer
Vocal Artist: Steve Rudolph
Music: William Seegers
Trailer Concept Artist: Brian Ellis
Available from:

Free on the official site: www.fireonthemound.com
Free on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/fire-on-the-mound/id550939832

What is Fire on the Mound?

Part radio-play, part audiobook, Fire on the Mound is a fantasy-adventure novel produced as a weekly podcast. Pekra, a young boy of the deer-like species called the Gaewyn, is expected to succeed his father as the healer of their small village. But Pekra considers purposely failing his trials or running away; anything to avoid the responsibility that will soon be thrust upon him. When Pekra’s father dies from a poison contracted during the last war, Pekra reluctantly befriends his father’s killer, and is swept up in a supernatural struggle to claim the legendary power of the cottonwood tree, the first child of the god Ura.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

William J. Meyer: Against the backdrop of mythological events I wanted to tell the story of a young boy learning to adjust to the death of his father. As Pekra says, “If I wrote the story, my father would not have died.” He questions why a loving god would permit his father to perish. I think Pekra’s frustration and pain is an interesting and valid statement of anger.

Steve Rudolph: It has to do with trying to find out who you are, more spiritually than anything else. Pekra simply has to maneuver his way through this strange maze that is his life, to go from being this little boy at the beginning, to being what is called a Fa.

William Seegers: Fire on the Mound is a lot about individual characters having to accept a life that they didn’t initially want. They go through a lot of struggles and are put to the test, and really find out under pressure what it is that they’re really like. They collide head-on with these other cultures, and it causes some very interesting interactions that you don’t get to see in every story.


Reporter: Nuge

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