Writer: Patrick Meaney

Artist: Eric Zawadzki

Publisher: Black Mask. In comic shops everywhere on October 1st or buy it direct from BlackMaskStore.com

What is Last Born? Her whole life Julia has yearned for adventure…when she falls through a rupture in space-time, she finally gets her wish. Stranded in a desolate future, she’ll team up with the last humans left on Earth to restart the universe or die trying. Think Lost in a post apocalyptic future.

Why should we pick this up? I love action movies and blockbusters, stories where the feat of humanity itself is at stake, but I also love intimate character drama, and the intense emotion of shows like Six Feet Under or movies like Magnolia. With Last Born, I’m hoping to fuse the two together and tell the stories of people trying to discover themselves and save the world at the same time. Blockbuster movies don’t leave much time for character or emotion, but in comics, it’s possible to do both, and that’s what I’m hoping to do here. We’ve gotten a great response so far, Aint It Cool News called the series “Awe-inspiring,” Bloody Disgusting said “I loved issue one” and Outright Geekery said “Last Born is truly something special,” so be sure to check it out!






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