ELEVATOR PITCH – Long Ago and Far Away

Long Ago and Far Away 

Writer: Chris Mancini
Artist: Fernando Pinto
Kickstarter Graphic Novel:


What is Long Ago and Far Away?
Long ago Jason was the “Child Knight” from our world who saved the Legendary Kingdom of Elvenwood from the evil Witch-Queen Nexis. Now Jason is a depressed 30, lives with his mother, and runs a comic book store. Poorly. But Elvenwood needs his help once again. Will he be the hero he once was? Or will he just make things worse because he grew up to be a complete jackass?

Why Should We Support This?

Support it because it’s an epic comedy/fantasy graphic novel for anyone who as a kid wanted to visit Narnia, Oz, Fantasia, or Hogwarts. And because Mark Waid tells you to: “Seriously, truly, here’s a Kickstarter graphic novel I HEARTILY endorse” –Mark Waid (The Flash, Kingdom Come, Superman, Daredevil, The Avengers, Black Widow, Etc.)

long ago and far away cover


longagoandfaraway sample page 2

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