ELEVATOR PITCH – Midnight Menagerie


Writer/Artist/Publisher: Bwillett
Midnight Menagerie is available from Comixology and is ongoing on www.bwillettcomics.com

What is Midnight Menagerie?
Midnight Menagerie is a love letter to classic horror anthologies such as Tales of the Crypt, but updated to include the reality of the diverse world we live in. The story is about horror fan Shawn Wilcocks, a rich kid from LA who gets introduced to the supernatural underworld he thought was only fiction, by his new friend, a gay vampire named Romero.

Why Should We Pick This Up?
“Heavily influenced by the masters of horror, an ounce of anime, and the trend of pumping out your own comics, she crafts an intelligent, witty, charming tale of a kid lost in the world looking for purpose where the supernatural becomes more than stills on a film reel… ” Jordan Cruz, PulpCultured.com

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