Elevator Pitch: On the Coast of Dreams


Elevator Pitch: On the Coast of Dreams
Writer: Viktor Šauer
Artist: Michael Petrus
Publisher: Kickstarter / Unpublished
Available from: Check out our Kickstarter which runs through June 14th:

What is On the Coast of Dreams ?
Viktor: OTCOD is an epic adventure graphic novel set in the fictional mysterious world, inspired by our dreams. It is our first graphic novel about abandoning the material world that we live in and accepting other dimensions around us.

Michael: The story of OTCOD lives in the world of fantastic vivid exteriors in contrast with darkness of evil and fear.

Why Should We Pick This Up?
Viktor: It is a fantasy story but it is really closely connected to OBE (out-of-body experience), astral traveling and mainly overcoming personal limits and obstacles and focusing on a purpose of someone’s quest thus it can inspire anybody in daily life.

Michael: This is the first Czech comics project presented on the crowdfunding portal Kickstarter and if we succeeded we change the history of local comics scene. 😉






Reporter: Nuge

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