Writer: Andrew Maxwell
Artist: Michelle Bandini
Publisher: Grenade Fight Inc.
Available: Kickstarter for pre-order

What is Rum Row?

Mixing elements of Jules Verne and The Untouchables, Rum Row is a prohibition themed aerial crime adventure.

The story is set in New York during the 1920’s. A whole drunken subculture floats above the city, as the police try to contain and control these dirigible speakeasies. We’ll watch it all unfold through our main character Jack Tinson, as he takes passage this New Year’s Eve on the most famous dirigible – The Duchess.

Why should we pick this up?

If you’re a fan of gangster films, alternate history story lines, steam punk, or aerial action, then count this comic as the bee’s knees!

Plus Rum Row is a one-shot, so you’ll get a complete story. A perfect introduction to the world, and a great jumping on point. Michele’s artwork perfectly captures the time period, and is driven home by Derek Dow’s beautiful colors. All in all, an interesting take on the traditional prohibition style gangster and speakeasy stories that we think you’ll enjoy.

Find out more at: Kickstarter for pre-order


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