The Many Elevator Pitch

Writer: Charlie Gillespie
Artist: Charlie Gillespie
Publisher: Self at ComiXology Submit
Buy it at ComiXology Submit

What is the Many?
The Many is a shock doctrine of horror and political intrigue that plots the rise of the witch king of London and the birth of a world that is just a few clicks down the line.It is an extremely dark and gritty Adult Harry Potter Vs The Lost Boys in the Pentagon Shot through the Prism of Noam Chomsky to the sound of Primal Scream’s Accelerator. With added Goat!
It will get darker before the dawn!

Why you should pick this up?
“The Many – though outwardly dystopian or supernaturally horrific – resurrects, for me at least, that sense of hope and purpose many of us had back in those days before 9/11, Iraq, and the War on Terror. (The spirit of Disinfo-Con as I like to call it.) A book (particularly a comic book) that aims towards being so politically potent can often scupper itself. However, without any naivety, pretension, or a sense of being overly stuffy, The Many manages to prompt the reader to really question the state of the world today. Where it truly succeeds is that it does all this while remaining a darn good action and adventure comic.”

“It’s not often you get a book that involves cannibals, magic flies, the resurrected body of Karl Marx and a demonic goat – not to mention Tory politicians in gimp outfits – but Charlie Gillespie’s new series The Many which debuts via ComiXology Submit this week covers all those bases. Mixing the weird psychedelia of Grant Morrison with the politics of Alan Moore and the dark humour of Garth Ennis.”

“This future world with superpowers, vampire lore and gore ranks right up there with Transmetropolitan or Black Mask’s Ballistic. Both the art and story are rich and colorful.”

“Charlie Gillespie weaves a world of dark acts and darker reactions. The artwork is very good, very fitting, and I like the shading and coloring throughout. I would recommend this if you like things like Sandman, Fables, Hellboy, or Hellraiser. This story is very reminiscent of some of the things that I have read from Clive Barker and even has a Lovcratian or Poe-ish bent to it. And you can’t go wrong with a resurrected Karl Marx. Very good horror fantasy sci-fi. Definitely, you should check out,”


Reporter: Nuge

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