With everyone’s fave convention Thought Bubble 2015 around the corner we thought it was about time we started greasing the wheels on the hype train for it.

Now if there’s one thing we all know about Thought Bubble is ever year there are more and more comics being launched at the event so to help out our fellow indie comic creators we’ve  decided to dedicate our regular Elevator Pitch to the Thought Bubble 2015 Elevator Pitch.

The rules are simple if you selling a comic at  this year’s Thought Bubble then send us your pitch and you could find it on the GS website for all to see.

Just like our very first Thought Bubble Elevator pitch from the creators of webcomic Drugs & Wire.


Created by:Cryoclaire (Art/Story) and Io Black (Story)


What is Drugs & Wires?

The year is 1995, and everything’s gone wrong – especially for Dan, pissy misanthrope and recovering VR junkie, who’s got a vicious worm in his headware and a dead-end delivery job on the wrong side of the old Iron Curtain. Drugs & Wires: weekly cyberpunk misadventures in the future that never was.

Why Should We Pick This Up?

“I feel like I’ve waited forever for a webcomic like this; every panel, every page, practically breathes that style of cyberpunk that I know and love.”

“I love the world you’ve crafted, and I know that I love it because I would never want to live there in a million years because it looks awful.”

“I like how I can get to the comic by typing FAIL into my address bar”

-D&W readers
Chapter 1 of D&W is launching at London MCM Comic Con and Thought Bubble 2015 and will be available online afterwards! 


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Find out how you can submit you comic, webseries,book etc to the  Elevator Pitch

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