ELEVATOR PITCH – Yosemite Rising

Yosemite Rising Elevator Pitch
Writer: Julie Dawn
Publisher: Zombie Publishing
Buy it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Kobo, and available for order at your local indie bookstore
What is Yosemite Rising?
Yosemite Rising is a zombie novel that incorporates the forgotten legends of the Ahwahnee Indians with the author’s contemporary twist. A black death swept over the Yosemite Valley two centuries ago and on Halloween death returns to the valley. Elizabeth can save humanity if she discovers the true past of her family and uncoil the legends of the Indians. What she discovers will change the fate of the world.
Why Should We Pick This Up?
It has a female main character and is much more than a zombie novel.
“At once evocative and gritty, Yosemite Rising is a roaring beast of a page-turner that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. The tale is a collision between a mystery as old as the high mountain valley at its heart and cutting-edge bio-tech terror. Raw and fast-paced, sexy and shocking, with compelling characters and genuinely creepy villains, Yosemite Rising will interrupt your sleep and haunt your dreams. And you’ll be glad it did.”—Bill Cameron, award-winning author of County Line

Find out more at: http://julie-dawn.com/yosemiterising/

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