Art Commissions Available From the Pen Behind Geek Syndicate

Rob Jackson aka Serapyhn is taking art commissions and you… yes you would be a fool to not go and buy something THIS MINUTE!

I’m trying to raise funds for a ‘small’ project I want to start work on so I’m temporarily taking art commissions.

Anything from quick portraits to comic covers, concept design or even adverts.
Want a custom comic cover with you and your friends as the X-men? hit me up. Want a picture of your child or work colleague fighting Darth Vader? Let me know.

Quick portraits/ sketches of this level of finish will be around £10. Higher quality portraits will cost between £30 and £50 (single character)- Rob Jackson aka Seraphyn

Now  hold on before you kick off on one for my for blatant advertising just listen. Every geek has certain milestones  in their life and none is more important than choosing your first forum avatar. At the time I was a member of the Comic Geek Speak forum and there was a young scallywag artist by who went by the forum name of Seraphyn who was taking commissions for avatars at a very reasonable price. I had no idea just how reasonable that price was until I started to seeing some of the avatars come rolling in. I kid you not on that forum owning a avatar done by Rob was like having your own personal holy grail on that forum. It was a well deserved accolade.


When we started doing the podcast we needed a logo for said podcast and once again Rob came through and over he years he has stepped up time and time again to help us out. Not once has Rob ever not come to our aid when we’ve needed some art doing. Trust me this is bloody least we can do.



Anyone who has spent anytime on this website will have seen Rob’s art every time they open the Geek Syndicate page.

To say Rob is the silent and unsung hero of Geek Syndicate is an understatement. Most of the contacts we made when we first started were off the back of people seeing the brilliant flyer that Rob had designed (heck Dave even shoved one into Simon Pegg’s hands many years ago and he loved it) or the business card which has Rob’s art on it.

But this isn’t about doing a mate a favour this about promoting a seriously talented artist (and if you’re interested a top bloke as well) whose commissions have to be seen to be believed. In terms of getting people to notice us here Rob’s work was invaluable and for that reason alone I would recommend him, also they all look so darn cool! Here’s one of my own personal commissions and one for our GS business cards all done by Rob.


You can see more of Rob’s amazing work over at his website and on Deviant Art you can also follow Rob on Twitter here and contact him to discuss requirements.  Again here’s Rob’s price list.

Quick portraits/ sketches of this level of finish will be around £10. Higher quality portraits will cost between £30 and £50 (single character)

Rob is using the commissions to fund a project he’s working on so it’s even more reason to get over to his site and get yourself a commission. I think the art on this page does a far better job than my bad grammar and telling you how great this fella’s art is.


Reporter: Nuge

Source: Rob Jackson



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