AUTUMN OF INDIE: Elevator Pitch – ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’

As you know early this week we put out the call for you creative folk looking to promote your work as part of our Autumn of Indie campaign. Well although the response has been slow we have started to get a few emails in now and we can start running some pitches.

Now remember if you want to submit an elevator pitch that we can run on the GS website then check out what you need to do here and drop us a line at [email protected]  Now I hand you over to Richard Worth, Jordan Collver and their comic Ladies and Gentlemen.

Ladies and Gentlemen Pitch
Writer: Richard Worth
Artist: Jordan Collver
Publisher: The Water Closet Press
Buy it from Travelling Man, OK Comic, Excelsior or at 

What is Ladies and Gentlemen?
Ladies and Gentlemen is comic packed with adventure, mystery, romance, moustaches and monocles. It follows the adventure of The Gentry, a team of Victorian crime fighters. It’s a love letter to Silver Age comics, magicians and myths.

Why Should We Pick This Up?
 This is the first ongoing project from the Eagle Award Nominated Team (New Visionaries category) and has repeatedly sold out in shops. But don’t take our word for it here is what the internet had to say. -“The artwork is excellent, and artist Jordan Collver captures the feel of a dirty, grubby, Victorian London perfectly…. at no point in this book did my interest wane, I read it twice before I put it down. “ – ” …is both distinctive and well defined in visual identity and style.” “…enough intriguing questions in terms of both plot and characterisation to leave its audience eager to discover more about its world” 

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