AUTUMN OF INDIE: Elevator Pitch – ‘Magic of Myths’

Here’s another elevator pitch as part of our Autumn of Indie campaign. Welcome to Magic of Myths.

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Magic of Myths: 2013 preview Pitch
Writer: Corey Brotherson
Artist: Sergio Calvet
Publisher: Doodle Doodle
Buy it from Nostalgia and Comics (Birmingham), Gosh Comics (London) or

What is Magic of Myths?
Imagine the epic swords and sorcery of Clash of the Titans, bleeding against the sharp witticisms and tone of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sprinkled with a dash of Alice in Wonderland… Magic of Myths is a massive fantasy adventure which sees a damaged young woman called Eve transported to a strange (but familiar) world of myth, magic and monsters. She’s been chosen for a mysterious, great task, and she’s about to find out exactly what that task is.

Needless to say, it’s going to change her life forever. And not in a good way…

Why Should We Pick This Up?
Magic of Myths: 2013 preview is the perfect jumping-on point to the story – it features a sample of the forthcoming season two graphic novel; a silent, self contained short story; guest artwork and a huge preview of forthcoming Magic of Myths novella, Devil’s Trade. We’re also offering the chance for you to win full copies of season two and Devil’s Trade, via pre-orders and site sign-ups. And if you want to grab Magic of Myths: season one, that’s available at a discounted rate for a limited time, too. Here’s what the press have said about season one:

GeekPlanet Online: A fun, enjoyable book that will leave you wanting more.” “…for every trope we meet, Brotherson finds a way to skewer our expectations, or place a different twist on the expected… [and] Sergio Calvert’s cartoony work is a complete delight.”







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