AUTUMN OF INDIE: Elevator Pitch – ‘Ryder’

Here’s another elevator pitch as part of our Autumn of Indie campaign. A paranormal detective story set in modern day London celled ‘Ryder’

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Elevator Pitch – ‘Ryder ‘
Ryan Tandy
Dave Powell
Everlong Comics

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What is Ryder?
‘So it turns out your parents lied to you. There are things that live in the darkness, preying on the innocent unlucky enough to cross their path. Some of them are human, but others are most definitely not. Lucky for you, we’ve got people to keep the darkness in check.’ A paranormal detective story set in modern day London, Ryder follows PODA agents John Ryder and Grace Wells as they keep the population safe from horrors they don’t even know exist.
Why Should We Pick This Up?
With influences such as Hellboy and The Boys, Ryder #1 is a gritty introductions to a world of demons, monsters and men that will leave you counting down the days until the next issue.

Check out a preview for Ryder here

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