AUTUMN OF INDIE: Elevator Pitch – ‘The Center of Somewhere’

Here’s another elevator pitch as part of our Autumn of Indie campaign. Today we take you to ‘The Center of Somewhere’.

Remember if you want to submit an elevator pitch that we can run on the GS website then check out what you need to do here and drop us a line at [email protected]  Check out today’s pitch from Luke Foster.

The Center of Somewhere elevator pitch
Writer/Artist:  Luke Foster
Publisher:  online
Read it every day for free at

What is The Center of Somewhere?
The Center of Somewhere is a daily, all-ages (that means like Pixar movies, not kid-focused) comedy comic strip about three talking animals and a boy detective having fun in small-town America.  It’s a traditional-looking comic strip done with a slightly weird sense of humor.

Why should we pick this up?
It’s online, it’s free, there’s a new installment every weekday, and it’s something funny that people of all ages can enjoy.  Plus, it’s only three months old, so it’s easy to catch up with the entire series.



Reporter: Nuge

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