AUTUMN OF INDIE: Interview with Iain Laurie

Today we are interviewing Iain Laurie. Laurie is a writer/artist whose work on Roachwell lead him to a SICBA (Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards) nomination last year.

Geek Syndicate (GS): Hi Iain your comic collection Horror Mountain is astounding with some ingenious plots and some quality artwork, where do your ideas come from?

Iain Laurie (IL): Thanks Luke. I’m not sure to be honest. They just come to me. I blame it on my mind being warped at a young age by David Lynch ,Reeves and Mortimer, The Avengers,Dennis Potter and Marvel and DC comics. I think that all went in the pot and its given me a bit of a twisted way of seeing things.

GS: What first inspired you to create comics?

IL: I’ve always made them since I was wee. I loved them so much I just wanted to feel like I was involved. The problem was I’ve always struggled with traditional comic art. Its really difficult for me. Then I saw stuff by people like Charles Burns and Dan Clowes and realised there was another way of doing it.

GS: What type of storytelling do you like?

IL: Really depends. If its done well, then every type of storytelling is valid valid. Its like films..21 Grams or Tree Of Life are just as valid as Avengers Assemble. In comics I like Chris Ware or Grant Morrison as much as Brian Michael Bendis or Scott Snyder. All different, but all great.

GS: Your work with Roachwell was brilliant. Can you tell us more about the creative process?

IL: I can. It’s all Craig Collins! I’m just an art monkey on that, just serving Craig’s vision and trying not to intrude or overwhelm his scripts. Any success or blame is all his fault 🙂

GS: I particularly like your work on all The Dead Superheroes. Will we see more of this in the future?

IL: I’d love too. It’s my favourite thing I’ve done as it turned out exactly as I wanted it. Then other stuff got in the way and I couldn’t finish it. But one day hopefully. There’s loads and loads of stuff I wanted to do with that and I just scratched the surface.

GS: How about you doing more superheroes?

IL: Id really like too if it’s the right fit, as I’m a massive superhero nerd. In terms of my style maybe DR STRANGE or something cosmic-y. BATMAN too, obviously but that’s the Holy Grail.

GS: Your style is twisted, demented, unique and innovative. You are truly one of a kind. Can you tell us how you usually come up with your page structure?

IL: The idea usually dictates that. The kind of stuff I do, like it or hate it, its pretty uniquely ‘me’. So when I get an idea I have a sort of built in way of editing it as I go and dumping stuff that doesn’t work. Its almost like being in a trance sometimes but when its right it feels right. I honestly have looked at stuff I’ve done an hour later and thought ‘Where did that come from??”.

GS: What kind of projects do you have lined up for the future?

IL: Right now I’m still doing MOTHWICKE with Fraser Campbell, whose probably my longest standing collaborator. That’s an easy no-brainer thing so I don’t really look at it as a ‘project’ as such because its so effortless.

I’ve got a few things upcoming in 2013-a new project with Craig which is a very ambitious thing we’re doing. A lot of work and a real experiment. Its hard to describe and I think I’ll leave that to Craig when he’s ready.

I’ve also got a thing I’m planning to do with Fraser which is maybe something we were born to do a bit. Its like nothing we’ve ever done before. I don’t want to say anymore but If we can pull this together it would be unbelievably cool.

On top of that I have a top secret thing with John Lees we’re working on and If I say anymore Gordon Robertson will be at my door singing Morrisey songs and wielding a hammer.

As well as that a few bits and bobs. Ive written a script for Garry McLaughlin and I’m genuinely excited to see what Garry does with that.

GS: To any aspiring creator out there, what would you say is the best piece of advice?

IL: Well it depends. If you’re a mainstream comics guy then I don’t have much advice. But if you want to do weirder, more personal stuff then my advice would be worry more about the ideas than the quality of the art. If the ideas are strong and interesting then you could draw stick figures for all it matters.

GS: Where you would like to be in ten years time?

IL: I don’t really have any ambitions, other than just do stuff for the enjoyment of it. I’d love to write more. If there’s any artists who fancy working with me as a writer then get in touch. While drawing is back-breaking, writing is a real pleasure. So I’ll say in 10 years time I hope to still be doing something creative.

If you want to check out some of Mr Laurie’s work, check out Roachwell, Mothwicke, and All The Dead Superheroes.

If you want to see what Horror Mountain is about click here

Also you can follow him on Twitter

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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