Autumn of Indie: Pandemonium Fiction

If you are a Science Fiction or Fantasy fan looking for a some new anthologies to check out then you may want to have a look at Pandemonium.

The idea behind Pandemonium of  being a not for profit imprint sounds like a great idea and judging by some of those already involved ( Lauren Beukes, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Tom Pollock, Jonathan Green, Adam Roberts, and Lavie Tidhar amongst others ) I’m not the only one who thinks that way. Having a look at some of the titles already on offer there’s a rich mix of Sci-Fi and fantasy to suit all tastes. So far I liked the look of CrossroadsStories of the Apocalyse and A Town Called Pandemonium

Have a read of the blurb below from the Pandemonium team  for the info then on their titles then head over to the Pandemonium site and take a look around.

Pandemonium is a not-for-profit imprint that publishes original science fiction and fantasy from authors all over the world.

We several anthologies each year, all in partnership with museums and charities – including Stories of the Apocalypse (with Tate Britain and the Arthur C. Clarke Award), Stories of the Smoke (with English PEN) and the upcoming The Lowest Heaven (with the Royal Observatory Greenwich) and The Book of the Dead (with the Egypt Exploration Society). The stories have ranged from steampunk to cyberpunk, horror to humor, high fantasy to… something really odd with a chicken-monster.

The books are published as foxy limited edition hardcovers and reasonably-priced eBook editions. Our contributors have included Lauren Beukes, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Tom Pollock, Jonathan Green, Adam Roberts, Kaaron Warren, Aliette de Bodard, S.L. Grey, Lavie Tidhar and many other incredible talents and award-winners.

We also publish a line of digital chapbooks: collections of 3-4 short stories priced at a mere 80p a pop. These give opportunities to new voices and experimental writing, and have featured Harry Markov, Jenni Hill, Robert Sharp, Den Patrick and many others.

We’ve got a crazy line-up this fall, including:

Lost Souls: an anthology of forgotten fiction, featuring stories from Robert Chambers, Mary Coleridge, Benjamin Disraeli, David Bryher and seventeen others (hardcopies available online and at Forbidden Planet; eBooks from Amazon)
Crossroadsa chapbook about deals with the devil, with Jenni Hill, Robert Sharp, Ian Whates and Christian Fox (eBook only)

Stories of the Apocalyse goes out of print! We only keep rights for one year, so our top-selling anthology about the end of the world goes off the market at the end of October.


A Town Called Pandemoniuman anthology of Weird Western tales, all set in a shared world. With contributions from Will Hill, Scott Andrews, Chrysanthy Balis, Sam Sykes, Joseph D’Lacey and many others – illustrated by Adam “Velcrosuit” Hill

1853: chapbook of alternate history, with Marc Aplin, Laura Graham and Jonathan Green

Uncle Smoke: an aerial tour of a fantastical London, by Archie Black; limited to 26 signed and lettered copies

Thy Kingdom Come: a deluxe, 10th anniversary edition of Simon Morden’s apocalyptic debut novel; illustrated by Joey HiFi and introduced by Robert Jackson Bennett (print only, and it is going to begorgeous)


Stocking Stuffer: our annual chapbook of humorous fiction, illustrated by Sarah Anne Langton

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Source: Pandemonium Fiction

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