Autumn of Indie: Zelda, Halo and More Get Violin Treatment from Taylor Davis

I first heard about Taylor Davis when I stumbled across her brilliant rendition of the Avengers theme (yes the film did have a theme and yes it is good) on the Violin. It seems however that Taylor also does a lot of tributes to some classic video game themes as well as film music.

I’m sure any Zelda fan worth their salt will know this little medley of the little chaps audio adventures.

Not feeling the Zelda love? Well then maybe some Master Chief action will sooth your ear drums. In this next clips filmed at this year’s E3 Taylor played the Halo theme live…made me want to run home and start blasting the hell out of the Covenant.

If you liked what you just heard then check out Taylor’s video game cover album “Gaming Fantasy” on iTunes! On it she has tunes for Assassin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy,Skyrim and more.

Ok moving back to films for a moment. One my fave pieces of music is ‘Arrival to Earth’ from the first Transformers mix which Taylor gives a rendition of which has the hairs of the back of my neck standing and saluting. You can buy that track from Taylor’s website

Ah heck before I sign off I got to use this as an excuse to put up the piece of music that started my appreciation of Taylor’s stellar skills with a Violin. Ladies and Gentlemen for your musical delectation I present the Avengers theme. Take it away Taylor.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Taylor Davis Website

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