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The Flash

Barry Allen as The Flash from Wikipedia


Barry Allen, forensic Scientist for Central City Police was always late. He never managed to get to see his on/off girlfriend Iris West when he said he would, he never got to work on time. Barry Allen read the comic book The Flash. He hoped one day he would be that fast. One night when he was working in his lab, he was hit by lighting as well as being covered in a batch of chemicals. This accident led to Barry becoming the fastest man alive with the ability to even out run Superman, and vibrate through Walls. He decided to take the mantle of his comic book hero, The Flash. Barry Allen would protect Central City from some of the most bizarre and wonderful super villains. From the Reverse Flash to Captain Cold. Cold would unite the villains together under the name The Rogues. The Rogues live under a set of rules that although they are villains, they keep to their code.

The Rogues from Wikipedia

Wally West, Iris’s relative was visiting one day. Iris asked Barry whether he could look after Wally for her. He agreed leading to fate to step in the way. Wally also was hit by a lighting bolt and doused in chemicals. He too became a speedster, leading to him becoming Kid Flash.

Wally West as Kid Flash from Wikipedia

Barry Allen would venture to an alternative world where he discovered that Jay Garrick (The Flash of his comic books) was real. They quickly became friends. This action was the birth of the mulitverse in the DCU.

The Flash believes in justice, in black and white that led to many problems when Barry snapped the Reverse Flash’s neck. Barry would eventually give up his life to save the world in Crisis of Infinite Earths. This crisis led to Jay Garrick becoming a fixture in Barry’s earth, no longer in a parallel world.

With Barry’s death, Wally West took the mantle of The Flash. He struggled with the responsibility but managed to carve his own legacy. Wally discovered the speed force that all speedsters were connected to. He seemed to be connected to it in particular leading to changes in his physiology such as his costume becoming apart of himself. Wally would marry his girlfriend Linda Park where they would go onto have two children (Jai and Iris).

Wally West as The Flash from Wikipedia

Barry’s grandson from the future, Bart Allen came back to the present where he became Impulse. He would become The Flash for awhile before dying. In Final Crisis, Barry Allen would return where we discover he was lost to the speed force. What will happen now that Barry and Wally have finally been reunited? How will Barry deal with a world that has changed drastically from the one he was in?

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