Allie Goertz sums up the D & D experience in Song

I thinks this song this is growing in hits on youtube sums up not only waht it is to be a D & D fan, which I was but also a geek in general.

Yes it’s not as slick as some of the other ‘geek’ related music videos that have been doing the rounds in the past but I think this one wins hands down in the ‘Heart’ category.

Check it out. It definitely made me want to pull out my D & D dice again.

Here’s what  Allie  had to say about here reasons for doing the  song.

An original song about D&D and those of us who use it as an escape. I said “essentially” pretentiously and didn’t mean to.

I play D&D and have used it in addition to other games, books, and movies to detach myself from aspects of my every day life.

Dedicated to Ulvaak.

Someone buy me a decent camera already.

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