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With over 10 billions downloads from the app store, and the counter still going strong, I thought I’d give you guys a run down of my must have apps for the revolutionary iPhone and Apples latest gadget the iPad.

I’m going to cover all types of apps. Wether it’s for work, gaming, social networking or just to read your favourite magazine, I will try to give you the low down on some of the best.

So then where to start? How about with the worlds biggest website worth a staggering $50 billion, Facebook.

When I first downloaded a Facebook app on the iPhone, I was hoping that it would be a similar browsing experience as if I was logged on to the site via a normal web browser. Oh how wrong was I.

Sluggish, loved crashing as much as I love Star Trek (which is a lot), didn’t show most peoples updates on the live feed, you couldn’t remove events and you had to delete every in box message..TWICE! (how annoying!)

So when I moved onto my iPad for light browsing, I was hoping that there would be another way, if not I would be back to logging on to the main site via Safari.

And then…….

I came across this little beauty, simply titled “Friendly Facebook for the iPad

Title – Friendly Facebook for the iPad
Developer -Oecoway Inc
Platform – iPad iOS 3.2 or later
Price – Free (also has an advert free version for 59p)

Whether you’re using Facebook to keep up with events or checking out your ex’s (oh come on we’ve all done it) this app is built to perfection.

Let’s start at, well the beginning.
You can set up multiple Facebook accounts via the home screen, and in turn each can be assigned a pin code. Perfect if your sharing your iPad with a partner or family member, or you don’t want to be hit by the dreaded “facerape”. Which normally consist of admitting your undying love for some kind of animal and/or an inanimate object (or at least getting to 3rd base). So massive thumbs up to that!

When checking out pictures, this app really stands out. Each page opens in a similar way to how you view pics on your iPad. You get about 24 pics to a page and you can just skip each page by the arrows on each side, and the enlargement time is pretty quick also.
You can easily view comments and tags just by a press of a button. This helps the viewing experience immensely, it keeps them nice and out the way if you don’t want to see whose trollin on each pic.
The only problem that I can put my finger on is that sometimes if a profile has thousands of pics it can be a little slow to load up, but 90% of the time it’s only a few seconds.

Now…..this next section has always been the downfall of a lot of the other Facebook apps, IM.
Again ‘Friendly’ nails in right in the head. It’s easy to scroll through your friends and it only takes one touch and the convo is up and running. The only problem is that you don’t really get a notification if you carry on browsing (as chat takes up the whole page). So if your checking out profiles or pictures you may miss a message or two, but hopefully this will be sorted in a future update.

Another thing that was always missing from other Facebook apps was the option to view game invites and also updates and notifications. On ‘Friendly’ it counter acts this brilliantly. It opens a small safari browser which still has the same screen functions as the home screen. Simply yet very affective…..good work!

I could go on for hours about how good this free app is but I think I may bore you all a little too much, so here’s just a quick list of some of the other features that make this a must have application.

  • Portrait and Landscape compatibility.
  • ‘Friendly button’ with shortcuts to picture upload, messages, status update and more.
  • Phonebook section.
  • Google search page button.
  • Easily browse pages and events.
  • Mini menu with return to top, chat and refresh buttons on every screen.
  • Access, read, RSVP and delete events.
  • Time, date and birthdays always visible.
  • Easily switches between app and safari Facebook extension
  • Adjustable settings
  • Control privacy settings

Unfortunately there are a few downsides… (gasp)

  • Some pics struggle to load if they are hi res.
  • No option to add friends to groups or sort by date added etc.
  • Slow loading times on pages with lots of pictures.

Well there you have it, the first app you cant live with out.

Make sure you check it out  by clicking here…..

or copying this link

Thanks for reading and make sure you keep a look out for my next review!

GS Reporter: DJMDawson

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