Are Imperial Stormtroopers Really that Evil?

Icon of evil or misunderstood clone of the people

It was easy when we watched Star Wars for the first time to hate the Imperial Stormtrooper. Let’s be honest they don’t come across well in those opening minutes. Our first sight of them is gunning down plucky rebels and stunning a princess in the back as she tried to escape. Of we ignore the fact that Leia killed a trooper in cold blood first. There’s no ‘the princess shot first’ t-shirts which leaves our friends in white consigned to their place as bastions of evil.  We watch, in horror, while the guys in white fall in behind the baddest, badman in the universe as he snapps the poor captain’s neck (personally I would have sung like a canary if I had been the captain). They went on to torch poor old Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru and later in the trilogy quite happily gunned down ewoks (ok that last one’s not really much of a crime in my book).

The thing is by the end of Attack of the Clones we were put in the uncomfortable opinion of  seeing these guys as heroes, sweeping in with Yoda to save the Jedi. Hell If you watch the Clone Wars CGI TV show you’re soon forced to accept these guys are a lot easier to root for than some of the annoying Jedi they work for.

So the question I’m forced to ask myself is have the stormtroopers  been the victims of  a vicious smear campaign? Are  they something more than the champions of evil we think they are? Well after many minutes of searching I have found the proof, exposing this conspiracy of misinformation.

These images taken by at Kristina Alexanderson at great risk to herself shatter the rebel alliance’s web of deciet and lies.

Ladies and gentlemen give you the real stormtrooppers.

A clone of fun

A clone of love

A family clone

A clone who is a friend to all, no matter their background

He's a teacher of the truth

A clone of art

A clone you can rely on

I hope this has helped open your eyes to the plight of the stormtrooper and perhaps you will look more kindly on them the next time you watch Star Wars.

GS Reporter: Nuge
Source: Kristina Alexanderson

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  1. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. So simple and yet so effective. I’m taking some of my toys out with me. Perhaps when I go to Bournemouth next month. They will love it for sure.

  2. I like this post 🙂 Thanks 🙂

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