Calling All Fangirls: Ask Ellen Needs You!

EmptyHer universe creator Ashley Eckstein unveils a new monthly advice column Ask Ellen offering support and advice to fangirls. Psychologist and self proclaimed fangirl Ellen Connell (she worked for Lucasfilm for 2 years as a script assistant) will run the column, which you can find over at the Her Universe blog.

Colleen and Eckstein met while working on Star Wars : The Clone Wars animated series. Eckstein voiced Ashoka Tano and Colleen worked in the scripts department.

Eckstein has said this about her partnership with Connell and the Ask Ellen column:

“Ellen and I have been friends for many years now,” said Ashley Eckstein. “This past summer after attending San Diego Comic Con together we both felt a need to do more for the fangirl community. I wanted to find a way to offer advice to fangirls dealing with everyday issues like bullying and Ellen felt compelled to put her knowledge from her studies in clinical psychology to good use. Together we came up with the idea for our column, ‘Ask Ellen.’ I grew up reading the ‘Dear Abby’ column in the newspaper, so I am very excited to be able to offer something similar to our fangirls.”

Ask Ellen is part of the Her Universe Year Of The Fangirl campaign which launched last month. It aims to highlight celebrated women of geekdom. We like the idea of this though we understand there will likely be backlash for being excluding to some.

It isn’t just issue of sexism we deal with in fandom, but racism and homophobia have reared their ugly heads recently too. We dream of a time when we can all just get along, don’t worry we won’t break into a rousing Stevie Wonder song about tolerance. BUT there is no room for ANY type of intolerance EVER, especially for us self proclaimed geeks, may of whom understand what it’s like being bullied for being different.

Source: Her Universe
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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