Captain Scarlet – A View To A Kill Music Video

Some guys on facebook today were posting up some Captain Scarlet images and it reminded me how much I loved the show as a kid na dlet’s face it I still love it. Anyway I stumbled across this cool little music video on youtube which sums up what that show was cool. I still want to check out the CGI remake that was on years ago as I heard that was pretty good TV.

So here you go and if by the end of this you don’t realise why Captain Black was the baddest villain around well you need to go back and watch again.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: youtube

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  1. The CGI Captain Scarlett show was surprisingly good. Lacked the iconic theme & title sequence and crippled by horrible scheduling (each episode split into two during Ministry Of Mayhem on Saturday mornings*) it was otherwise a cracking, action packed adventure show and a fine update. Captain Black was particularly creepy.

    (*on the plus side this did give us the excuse to watch Holly Willoughby dress up in a tight Angel jumpsuit and spout double entendres)

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