COMING SOON: Malcolm Reynolds Pistol Replica – Shiny!

If there’s one think I find difficult when I’m looking to make a costume it’s getting the weapon right. Now Quantum Mechanix are releasing a metal-plated replica of Mal’s pistol from Firefly and Serenity.


At 14 inches it's a pretty big gun

This pistol is made from a mould of the original gun, so it should be pretty accurate, and is made from polystone then plated in metal.

What surprised me the most when reading this was the price, only $80, which seems pretty cheap when I’ve seen other replicas for a couple of hundred.

This is a full size replica and is meant to weigh just over 1lb, so it should feel a little like a real gun.

Overall I think this replica is great as it seems to look good enough to have it out on display but at only $80 you can be a little less protective of it and use it for cosplay.


It’s currently available for pre-order from Quantum Mechanix

Source: Quantum Machanix
GS Reporter: Amy

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